Definitions for "Dodge"
Keywords:  evade, deceive, shift, suddenly, craft
To start suddenly aside, as to avoid a blow or a missile; to shift place by a sudden start.
To evade a duty by low craft; to practice mean shifts; to use tricky devices; to play fast and loose; to quibble.
To evade by a sudden shift of place; to escape by starting aside; as, to dodge a blow aimed or a ball thrown.
to lighten an area of a print by shading it during part of the printing exposure
To lighten specific areas of a print by decreasing their exposure to light.
To bleach (lighten) an area of an image, Also, a so-so car model.
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Radiator Eagle Radiator Fiat Radiator Ford Radiator Geo Radiator Gmc Radiator Honda Radiator
a quick evasive movement
a movement and Teleport is a movement power
Combat ability reflecting one's ability to stay away from an enemy weapon. This combined with agility increases the fluidness of movement when in combat.
Keywords:  brawn, jon, explosive, hunting, creator
This is when a bell steps back a place during hunting. Here the three is dodging with the five. Taken from an image Supplied By: Method Maker. Creator: Jon Brawn
A one-on-one move where a deliberate step is taken in one direction followed by an explosive step in the opposite direction.
move to and fro or from place to place usually in an irregular course; "the pickpocket dodged through the crowd"
A strike that protects the minion from the opposing strike.
a strike, even though it is solely defensive
Keywords:  slidestep, fancy, less, reference
A less fancy reference to slidestep.
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a popular make of automobile
Keywords:  truck, self
a truck all in its self
To block light from selected areas while making a photographic print.