Definitions for "Fabricator"
A producer of intermediate products that does not also produce primary metal. Examples include brass, wire and rod mills, which buy copper and other primary or secondary metals to produce brass and other copper alloys, or take raw forms of metal and make building, magnet, telecommunications and/or industrial wire, rod, and similar products.
Manufacturer of reinforced plastic products.
A company which makes fabricated or semi-fabricated products such as wire, cable, tubes, strip, rods, etc. from refined metals and occasionally from scrap.
One who fabricates; one who constructs or makes.
The team member assigned to construct body parts including door panels and dashboards. Also called “body fabricator.
A company or person who assembles windows or doors Raam- of deurfabrikant
Any object used to apply force to a piece of stone in the knapping process. See also Hammer, Percussor, or Indenter.
a lot simpler, and the complexity--choosing what reaction to do--is supplied by computer control
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