Definitions for "Value Added Network"
Keywords:  van, edi, ownednetwork, norma, lengthy
Private network operated by a company to transport information between subscribers.
In a typical EDI scenario, suppliers and retailers exchange purchase orders and invoices electronically from computer to computer. Usually, this transfer is mediated through a value added network service provider (VAN). Companies engaging in sending and receiving EDI documents use these VAN's as an electronic post office. The buyer sends their EDI Purchase Orders to a VAN, who proceeds to rout the orders to the appropriate suppliers electronic mailbox. The supplier connects to the VAN and to their mailbox, and receive the orders from their buyers. The same scenario is followed when the supplier sends an EDI Invoice to the retailer. VAN's also provide verification and confirmation of the transaction insuring security and quality control of the data processed.
A clearing house for electronic transfers between partners.
A company that acts as a clearinghouse for electronic transactions between trading partners.