Definitions for "VBR"
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ariable itrate oding VBR is a method to encode MP3´s dynamically. Depending on what is going on in a song the bitrate ( kbps) of encoding is varying. As brilliant as the idea is - it is only used by software that uses the Xing encoder (AudioCatalyst, Xing Encoder). Too bad the Xing encoder itself lacks quality when encoding songs to MP3. The Fraunhofer encoding engine is said to produce the highest quality MP3´s - not only because MP3 is a Fraunhofer invention....
Acronym: ariable it ate Audio: An encoding system that compresses music according to the amount of data. Compare to CBR.
A method of compressing data that takes advantage of changes in the media's data rate.
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Very Big Rig
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See Value-Based Return.