Definitions for "ABP"
Designation for butylpolyethylene high voltage cable, 75_C.
Designation for butylpolyethylene high voltage cable, 75°C.
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Active Black Panel. In standby mode, the unit is camouflaged as a flat black panel. In display mode, the panel puts on a brilliant colourful light show, also giving you access to most functions. In operational mode, the motorised panel swings out revealing the full control panel and slots for discs.
Asset Business Plan. The ABP is a document that provides all information, strategy, and long-term plans necessary to manage the business of operating and optimizing an asset. The GSA Asset Business Plan is a Web-based asset management tool that provides building history and projections for many areas, including space and income, that are used to develop long-range strategies for the asset, reinvestment plans, and capital investment priorities.
Asset Based Provider (Also Asset Based Planning)
Abbreviation for activity-based planning.
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Acute bacterial prostatitis.
Associated British Ports – the main operating subsidiary of ABPH