Definitions for "Abstract of Judgment"
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A summary of the Court's final decision. If you file it with the county recorder, it can be used as a lien.
A legal document completed by the U.S. Clerk of Court that, in summary form, certifies that a judgment has been entered in the victim's favor, including the amount of the judgment. The victim then registers the document in the counties or states in which the defendant is believed to have assets. Upon registration, the judgment becomes a lien against any property the defendant may own or have a legal interest in (both current and future, until such a lien is satisfied or removed by the issuing court), or any future inheritance of property the defendant may receive that could be applied towards the satisfaction of the judgment/lien.
A Summary of the judgment. We often use abstracts issued under Code of Civil Procedure §674 as a method of judgment collection. When a properly prepared abstract of judgment is recorded with the county recorder, by operation of law it creates a general involuntary lien on the all real property vested in the name of the judgment debtor Code of Civil Procedure §697.340.
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