Definitions for "ARR"
Absolute Relative Risk
Absolute risk reduction. The difference in the absolute risk (rates of adverse events) between study and control populations. ( Therapy)
Absolute Risk Reduction. is the difference in the event rate between control group (CER) and treated group (EER): ARR = CER - EER.
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"Almost Ready to Run" - These cars typically require a minor amount of assembly to get them rolling. Most modelers can handle the assembly process on today's ARR cars and trucks. Report this Word See also: RTR Added by: mkranitz
Some cars and trucks are available virtually prebuilt and will be indicated by the terms ARR (Almost-Ready-To-Run) or RTR (Ready-To-Run). The ARR/RTR vehicles cost a little more, but if you're just not interested in building your car, this is an option for you. Most vehicles, however, come in kit form and require you to do the building. This may require a few evenings, but the familiarity you gain from assembly will make repairs, adjustments and modifications easier to make down the road.
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Air refueling receptacle
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Alligator Rivers Region
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arrived/ (date/ship) aft or after
Accounting rate of return: average operating profit ÷ average book value of assets, as a percentage.... more on: ARR
Average Royalty Rate
Average Room Rate. The total of room revenues for a given period (day, month to date, month, year to date), divided by the number of rooms occupied for the same period. Frequently used as a measure of economic performance.
Automatic Reproduction Ratio selects correct magnification ratio automatically according to original and copy sizes input by operator (original size is not automatically detected)
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after-action review
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This means that the time and/or place of class will be arranged.
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New Money