Definitions for "Freenet "
Internet access provided on a non-profit basis.
Community-based bulletin board system with email, information services, interactive communications, and conferencing. Freenets are funded and operated by individuals and volunteers -- in one sense, like public television. They are part of the National Public Telecomputing Network (NPTN), an organization based in Cleveland, Ohio, devoted to making computer telecommunication and networking services as freely available as public libraries. [Source: LAQUEY
A community-based Internet host that is designed to bring free network access to a community. Access is often provided through public libraries or through dial-up access. Often local bulletin boards, information about community activities, e-mail,and Internet access are available to registered users.
Freenet is a peer-to-peer network designed to allow the distribution of information over the Internet in an efficient manner, without fear of censorship. It is completely decentralized , meaning that Freenet cannot be attacked like centralized peer-to-peer systems such as Napster.
Freenet is a decentralized censorship-resistant peer-to-peer distributed data store aiming to provide electronic freedom of speech through strong anonymity. Freenet works by pooling the contributed bandwidth and storage space of member computers to allow users to anonymously publish or retrieve various kinds of information. Freenet uses a kind of key based routing similar to a distributed hash table to locate peers' data.
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