Definitions for "ILD "
Infrared laser diode. Used in some hand laser scanners to project a light beam.
Infrared Laser Diode. A semiconductor laser which produces light below 780 nanometers in the infrared spectrum.
Injection Laser Diode. A solid state semiconductor device consisting of at least one p-n junction capable of emitting coherent, stimulated radiation under specified conditions.
Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) is a measurement of foam firmness. Firmness is independent of foam density, although it is often thought that higher density foams are firmer. It is possible to have high density foams that are soft – or low density foams that are firm, depending on the ILD specification. ILD specification relates to comfort. It is a measurement of the surface feel of the foam. ILD is measured by indenting (compressing) a foam sample 25 percent of its original height. The amount of force (in pounds) required to indent the foam is its 25 percent ILD measurement. The more force required, the firmer the foam. Flexible foam ILD measurements range from 10 pounds (supersoft) to about 80 pounds (very firm).
Indentation Load Deflection. See Indentation Force Deflection.
Initial Load Deflection. A measure for the firmness level of foam used in upholstered furniture and mattresses.
Interstitial Lung Disease nogen One - a portable oxygen concentrator
Interstitial Lung Disease. a term which includes more than 130 lung disorders characterized by fibrosing (scarring) in the lungs. A common link between various types of ILD is they all begin with an inflammation of known or unknown origin. Also called Pulmonary Fibrosis. Inflammation involving the bronchioles is called bronchiolitis Inflammation involving the alveoli (air sacs) is called alveolitis Inflammation involving the small blood vessels is called vasculitis. When the cause of ILD is unknown, it's called "idiopathic" See pulmonary fibrosis for a partial list whcich refer to interstitial lung disease.
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ILD is a small daemon and logfile analyser that lets you track the byte throughput of your Traverse Technologies NetJet ISDN card without the overhead of other, more complex, utilities. It outputs TXT, HTML and GIF graphs.
Instrument Loop Diagram. A drawing showing the connections from the field device all the way through to the system terminations.
International Long Distance Services