Definitions for "Pods"
Pods is a decentralised P2P network for sharing abstracted resources over nodes that need not supply or know of the resource through the use of XML.
Containers that hold extra paint you may need during a game. Typically hold 140 or 100 paintballs and held in a Pack.
Usually referring to the legume family, a pod is composed of one folded carpel. Pods hold the forming seeds and open when seeds mature. A sweet pea is an example of a pod.
Every F1 car has aerodynamic boxes on either side of the cockpit. These are called pods or sidepods.
Between the blossoms of the permanently flowering cocoa tree we can see fruit (pods) at various stages of development. The egg-shaped cocoa pods measure between 15 and 30 centimeters (between 6 and 12 inches) and hang from the trunk and the largest branches. Each fruit contains between 30 and 40 beans of about 1 cm (about 0.5 inch) in length.
n. People who are very much alike in thought, behavior, and appearance. Pejorative term. Also Podlings - particularly immature variations of the Pods.
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Acronym for Pilot Ocean Data System.
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Patients' Own Drugs
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Project-Oriented Data System