Definitions for "Popcorn"
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Popcorn is a new 32-bit operating system kernel for x86-based computers. It currently features super-fast speed and small size.
See pop corn under pop, n..
A variety of corn that has small ears, kernels that are pointed at the base and apex and very hard starch in the kernels which explodes when heated.
Three darts so closely grouped together that one or more flights are knocked off
When the darts land so close to each other, they knock their flights out.
Throwing 3 darts so tightly grouped together that one or more flights are knocked off
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pálomitas de maíz
A glorious feline who in many hearts will eternally be “The Best Cat Ever.” Loyal and loving companion to Melissa, he fought a long and courageous battle with diabetes, CRF, and heart disease, giving inspiration to sugarcats everywhere. Born 8/87 and diagnosed with diabetes 2/98, Popcorn passed peacefully and beautifully to Rainbow Bridge on 10/25/01 where he hunts for lizards and continues to watch over us all.
A loud silver spherical shaped display with crackling effect that breaks in huge numbers all at once to fill the display with a sky full of crackling brightness.
"Popcorn" is the sophomore single release by Crazy Frog, released on the 22nd of August 2005. It is a remix of "Popcorn", originally a hit in 1969 for Gershon Kingsley and later in 1971 for Hot Butter. Jamba! once again arranged the remix, and also marketed it as a ringtone.
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Popcorn is a 1996 novel and play by the British writer Ben Elton.
Popcorn is a British teen comedy film due to be released in March 2007, written and directed by Darren Fisher. It was filmed in 2005 at one of London's largest multiplex cinemas (Odeon Greenwich).
Codename of the project creating the user interface for the Indrema Entertainment System
a calcite speleothem with the appearance of popcorn.
1. Decorative acoustic ceiling, spray on texture, consisting of vermiculite in a bonding agent. 2. Asphalt paving mix consisting primarily of 3/4 inch aggregate.
"Popcorn" is a famous early synthpop instrumental.
Really useless extra that show up in Martial Arts adventures. Good only for getting in the player’s way.
popCorn is a desktop-oriented MPEG-1 audio and video software capable of playing data streamed directly from the network. Compatibility with existing media servers is provided by the support of the industry standard RTSP protocol.
This term is used to describe a group interactive process where the group is asked to volunteer comments or thoughts to a question, and these responses are written down on newsprint.
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a fabric utilizing yarn with thick spots suggesting popcorn. Usually a knit but may be woven.
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See "Open Forum".