Definitions for "SDMI"
ecure igital usic nitiative The SDMI is a union formed by more than 160 companies from the music industry. The initiative aims at bringing the secure music formats of tomorrows big scale virtual music distribution. As well the SDMI members agree on accepting the specification standards for hard- and software announced by the union.
Secure Digital Music Initiative: A secure digital format for distributing music over the Internet. Announced in February 1999, it is backed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Sony, Warner, BMG, EMI and Universal - the top five music production companies. At the time of its announcement, the new format was expected in products by Christmas 1999.
(Secure Digital Music Initiative) A consortium of companies working on copy management aimed at stopping the illegal copying of MP3 files over the internet. Chief Executive is Leonardo Chiariglione, the redoubtable Head of TV Technologies at CSELT, Telecom Italia's research centre. SDMI recently ran a "hack SDMI" challenge to see if four alternative approaches being studied were secure. A team from Princeton University claims to have hacked all four in a couple of man-weeks of effort, thus proving that you will never stop the determined burglar. However, breaking encrypted files this way is clearly illegal and, together with watermarking to identify the source, makes prosecution easier. Meanwhile two code-breakers received cheques for $10,000 for their efforts in pinpointing weaknesses in the schemes.
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