Definitions for "SRC"
gene: Name of the first retroviral oncogene discovered ( v-src) and its precursor proto-oncogene ( c-src). The product of these genes is a membrane-associated protein kinase that phosphorylates many target proteins on tyrosine residues. (From sarcoma, the type of cancer that the src virus causes; pronounced ”sark.”)
Src is a family of proto-oncogenic tyrosine kinases originally discovered by J. Michael Bishop and Harold E. Varmus.
survival recovery center
Staff Review Committee
Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research
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Sourcecode (various)
emiconductor esearch orporation
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Src http sg yimg com i sg features sgflag gif   a href http www srcnetball org Singapore Recreation Club
Steroid Receptor Coactivators
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Syndrome de Rubéole Congénitale
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Solvent Refined Coal. A coal extract derived through the use of solvents. Crushed coal is mixed in a solvent at high temperature and pressure in the presence of hydrogen. The process produces an ash - and sulfur - free solid or liquid. After processing, the ash is separated from the solvent and the solvent recycled.
Semi-refined carrageenan (see PES; E407a)
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Term.Directory. The place where your source files are placed when you use cvsup and either stable-supfile or standard-supfile. The full directory is usually /usr/src/.
Service Régional de Contrôle (Regional supervisory service)
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Standard Requirement Code
AMCA standard of guidelines for general methods of fan construction when handling potentially explosive or flammable particles, fumes or vapors.
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Submarine Rescue Chamber
Sample rate conversion. The process of converting one sample rate to another, e.g. 44.1 kHz to 48 kHz. Necessary for the communication and synchronisation of dissimilar digital audio devices, e.g., digital tape machines to CD mastering machines.
refers to Sample Return Capsule.
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In CICS for AIX, a system resource controller.
Short Range Certificate
Short Rotation Coppice.
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The URL of the file that belongs to the link.
3.2|] [ X1| X1.1] [ IE|| N4-4.x|] Standards Details: NA Required? No Description: This attribute indicates the URL of a downloadable font definition file. Values: Either an absolute or relative URL. All URLs should be URL encoded where required.
Scratch Resistant Coating. Various materials bonded in thin layers to the surface of most types of plastic lenses to reduce susceptibility to scratching.
Students Representative Council (equal to SGAs in the United States).
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Senate Roll Call. This is a recorded vote number for a bill or an amendment.
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Super Reflective Color
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Search Result Clustering
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The source of the image
Source (file name extension)
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Special Reading Courses (SRC)