Definitions for "Allograph"
Keywords:  grapheme, neme, pho, eme, variant
Each of the particular graphic representations of a grapheme. Examples: in English, ff, ph and gh are allographs off, the graph­eme for the /f/ pho­neme; in German, ss=sz=ß, =æ.
Different graphical forms representing the same sound e.g. t and T both represent the same sound /t/.
a variant form of a grapheme as `m' or `M'
In graphonomics and handwriting recognition, the concept of allograph is concerned with the fact that in handwriting, one particular letter from an alphabet can be realized using a number of shapes. The most evident occurrence of an allograph is in the upper-case and lower-case shape for one letter (cf., a vs A).
A writing or signature made by some person other than any of the parties thereto; -- opposed to autograph.
a signature made by one person for another