Definitions for "eme "
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eme is a framework for building a map editor. It uses the Allegro game library. You can specify the way the maps are loaded and saved, and can also define some commands. There are two applications created with eme: seme and ieme . seme allows you to create maps without coding anything yourself, and exports map loading code to include in your game.
Moonbounce, also called Earth-Moon-Earth (EME), is a form of wireless communication in which the moon is used as a passive satellite. To the uninitiated, this sounds a little like science fiction, but it has been done and continues to be done by experimentally inclined amateur radio operators.
As suffix, significantly distinctive unit of a specified feature of language structure (modelled on phon-eme). A minimal distinctive unit of a specified type in a language: sememe, taxeme, lexeme, morpheme, phoneme.
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An uncle.
uncle or near relative
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Edison Mission Energy
Electromagnetic energy The transmission of energy in the form of waves having an electric and magnetic component.
Extraordinary Medical Expense Plan; company-sponsored plan that applies when coverage in Basic Medical Expense Plan is exceeded.
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See 'Emerging Market Economy'
Electrical and Mechanical Engineers