Definitions for "Pho "
Physician Hospital Organization. A PO joins with the hospital to have bargaining clout with insurers.
Primary Health Organisation – PHO's are community based organisations of health care professionals who provide first level health care to their local people. The organisations are made up of general medical practices including doctors, practise nurses, physiotherapists etc and other health promotional services. The Ministry of Health web site provides a list of all PHO
Physician Hospital Organizations (PHO) are physician and hospital joint ventures typically organized to attract members from HMOs and self-insured employers.
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(fuh; Vietnam) Soup of clear, anise-flavored beef broth with paper-thin slices of raw meat or meat balls accompanied by fresh bean sprouts, basil and sauces.
FUR. Vietnamese noodle soup.
Pho is a lightweight utility for viewing, rotating, or deleting large numbers of images quickly, and making notes about what to do with each of them. It is particularly useful for processing hundreds of images after uploading them from a digital camera.
Partial hydrogenation hardens oils but does not make them fully solid.
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Opportunity for Public Hearing
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Abbreviation for the Phoenix Suns
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Phone List