Definitions for "Barium enema"
Keywords:  enema, colon, chalky, rectum, bowel
a process used to study the colon in which barium is given as an enema (through the rectum). Usually gas is then blown in to make the barium spread over the lining of the colon, producing an outline of the colon on X-ray to reveal any irregularities in the lining, such as a polyp, or growth.
barium sulfate is given by an enema so the lower part of the intestinal tract shows up white on x-ray film.
An x-ray of the colon and rectum using a suspension of barium given as an enema into the intestine as a contrast agent for radiologic examination. The barium outlines the intestines on the x-rays which allows abnormal growths to be seen.
a common means of diagnosing and in many cases is the treatment for intussusception
a diagnostic test
a safe screening test, but it can cause complications or
a test that is also called a lower GI series
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a safe procedure