Definitions for "clyde"
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A nickname for 1970's basketball player Walt Frazier, who played hoops cool and easy in his Puma suede sneakers. Prospective Puma purchasers got to view Walt's infectious grin on the label end of the box. These sneakers are known as " Puma States" in Australia.
The Clyde was a 1,840-ton, iron sailing ship with a length of 270.9 feet, breadth of 39 feet and depth of 22.5 feet. She was built by Russell & Company, Port Glasgow for the Nourse Line, and named after the Strathclyde flowing through Glasgow, and launched on 25 July 1894. The Clyde was the last ship built for the Nourse Line.
A lightweight code, document or file retention application maintained via HTTP. User may create new libraries, sub-categories and up/down load file. Ease of use is its greatest strength.
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an identical of the original shoe