Definitions for "muni"
Keywords:  sage, silence, vow, silent, saint
A thoughtful sage.
a saint who observes the austeriy of voluntarily not speaking. This holy man or woman does comunicate by writing, pointing out letters on an alphabet board, and using hand gestures. Avatar Meher Baba observed this vow.
wise or self-realized soul. E.g. N â r a d a M u n i (see also s t i t h a p r a j ñ a, r i s h i and s â d h u)
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Ascetic ( RRV-13a)
An ascetic.
a more rugged unicycle with a wide, knobby tire
a mountain unicycle
San Francisco Municipal Railway (includes bus system as well).
short for Municipal Railway, the name of the public transportation busses, steetcars, cable cars. and subway trains in San Francisco
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Sãdhu. See: sãdhu.
Keywords:  rural, unusual, resell, town, wholesale
Usually, a rural utility associated with a specific town that has been chosen by the community to buy power on the wholesale market and resell it to consumers at the retail level. In some instances, they own generation, transmission and distribution assets, but this is unusual.
Municipally owned utility
Keywords:  enlightened, person
An enlightened person.
Keywords:  abbreviated, course, form
abbreviated form of "municipal course"
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short for municipal bond.