Definitions for "Nettle"
Keywords:  urtica, sting, dioica, scalp, spinach
A plant of the genus Urtica, covered with minute sharp hairs containing a poison that produces a stinging sensation. Urtica gracilis is common in the Northern, and Urtica chamædryoides in the Southern, United States. The common European species, Urtica urens and Urtica dioica, are also found in the Eastern united States. Urtica pilulifera is the Roman nettle of England.
To fret or sting; to irritate or vex; to cause to experience sensations of displeasure or uneasiness not amounting to violent anger.
A botanical additive used in hair and skin products, particularly eye creams and treatments for the scalp.
in one or two coats of arms the leaves of the nettle occur, and in one a bunch nettles. Or, a chevron gules between three nettle leaves proper--NETTLES, co. Cork, also MALHERBE, co. Devon. Argent, a saltire gules between four nettle leaves vert--KEATING or KECHING, London. Gules, on a saltire argent five nettle leaves vert--KEATING, Ireland. Or, [otherwise argent] a bunch of nettles vert--MALLERBY, co. Devon.
Nettle is *the* terminal emulator and telnet client for the RISC OS operating system. It utilises the ZapRedraw module for speedy display and is a fast, clean native implementation.
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a potion ingredient featured in a simple potion used to cure boils (SS8); dried nettles were used to make nettle tea; nettle wine was in two of the bottles in Snape's task that guarded the Sorcerer's Stone (QA; SS8, 16)