Definitions for "Prunella"
A smooth woolen stuff, generally black, used for making shoes; a kind of lasting; -- formerly used also for clergymen's gowns.
a twilled woolen dress fabric; a heavy woolen fabric used for the upper of shoes.
textile for academic gowns; a plant to cure sore throat; sore throat
small genus of perennial mostly Eurasian having terminal spikes of small purplish or white flowers
type genus of the Prunellidae
Prunella is a genus of seven species of herbaceous plants in the family Lamiaceae, also known as self-heals for their use in herbal medicine. Most are native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, but Prunella vulgaris (the Common Self-heal) is Holarctic in distribution, occurring in North America as well, and is a common lawn weed.
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Angina, or angina pectoris.
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Prunella is an Italian fairy tale.
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A liqueur made from meat, plum pits, figs, and vanilla beans.