Definitions for "Tink "
Unknitting stitch by stitch. Compare with frog stitch. Term invented by Wendy Chatley Green's husband, who observed that "knit" spelled backwards is "tink."
Keywords:  shrill, sharp, bells, quick, sound
To make a sharp, shrill noise; to tinkle.
A sharp, quick sound; a tinkle.
make or emit a high sound; "tinkling bells"
(tink)...(v.)..." to use deductive reasoning..."I tink, derefo' I 'em."
Keywords:  tab, wishes, link
a link that wishes to be a tab or a tab that should just be a link
Keywords:  gui, php, asp, mac, compile
Tink is an Asp2Php compile & install GUI tool for Mac OS X.
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See "text ink object (tInk)."