Definitions for "TRANSIENTS"
Short, sudden sound events within a soundtrack.
Short and sudden events in music (eg a cymbal crash). Difficult to reproduce.
Sudden, short, sharp events in a musical track, such as a finger click or a cymbal smash. These sounds are difficult to reproduce
Spurious voltage spikes on a power line that can produce false triggering impulses and/or cause insulation and component breakdowns and failures. Usually caused by load switching or inductive devices.
in electronic usage, usually refers to an unwanted, temporary, large increase or decrease in a current or supply voltage that only occurs occasionally. Almost always due to reactive components during rapid changes in voltage or current.
High voltage spikes superimposed on the mains power. They can cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment.
Signals which exist for a brief period of time prior to the attainment of a steady-state condition. These may include overshoots, damped sinusoidal waves, etc.
Instantaneous changes in dynamics, producing steep wave fronts.
the sporadic higher levels in your program (from a percussion or guitar attack, for example) that can result in overload distortion if not properly compressed
Transients are people who live outdoors in urban centres, often because they cannot support themselves. The popular image is often that of the hobo, or "bum".
All military members who are available for duty while executing permanent change of station (PCS) orders. Transients shall comprise all military personnel in a travel, proceed, leave enroute, or temporary duty enroute status on PCS orders to execute an accession, separation, training, operational, or rotational move.
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or transient noise a randomly occurring noise
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Outside of the dominant channel and do not seek member ship.