Definitions for "TWS"
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Track-while-scan; also: tail warning system
Track While Scan. Radar mode that uses pulse-Doppler radar to target a contact, providing detailed tracking information at short range.
two-way simultaneous. Mode that allows a router configured as a primary SDLC station to achieve better utilization of a full-duplex serial line. When TWS is enabled in a multidrop environment, the router can poll a secondary station and receive data from that station while it sends data to or receives data from a different secondary station on the same serial line.
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Abbreviation for Triple Word Score. See Triple Word Score and Bonus Square.
(abbrev.) Triple Word Score
Trader Workstation -The Inderactive Brokers Jave based application used to enter orders. The application is available in a stand alone or browser based version.
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Tivoli Workload Scheduler
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The Wilderness Society
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Transient Water System