Definitions for "ACU"
Air Cooling Unit
See Automatic Calling Unit
Airlink Chassis Unit. The central baseband processing unit for the RFS. Rx/Tx airlink traffic to/from RFUs.
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utomatic all nit; an ISDN entity directly above the network layer. When the AG ISDN protocol stack is in ACU stack mode, the application uses the AG ISDN Messaging API to send message sequences to the ACU and handle network responses. When the AG ISDN protocol stack is in Channelized stack mode, the TCP instances communicate with the ACU. See also ACU stack mode, ISDN, LAPD stack mode, Channelized stack mode, protocol stack.
Association of Commonwealth Universities. Founded in 1913, the ACU is a umbrella organisation for universities in the Commonwealth countries. Membership to the organisation is voluntary, and at present comprises 480 institutions. The activities of the ACU include the awarding of scholarships and fellowships, programmes to assist movement of staff and students between Commonwealth countries, the provision of information and support, and the organisation of meetings. The society is governed by its members through an elected council. See:
A configuration utility useful both for novices and for more experienced RAID users.
Affidavit of Loss Affirmative covenant
Army Combat Uniform. Designation used by US Army for the digital uniform introduced 2004
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American Conservative Union
Additional Commitment Underwriting
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See Accumulator.
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Acute Care