Definitions for "Free space"
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The middle square of the bingo card that is automatically counted as a hit for the player
The middle square of the card, which does not have a number assigned to it. It is equivalent to a joker in a game of cards.
The middle square of a card, that does not have an assigned number, similar to a Joker or Wild Square.
Refers to the medium of air (or vacuum) in which radio waves may travel. This is in contrast to waves traveling on transmission lines such as coax or waveguide, or through a medium, such as an Free Space Absorber (Specular Absorber)
Sara Evans and Harry Boyte define free spaces as particular public places in the community "in which people are able to learn a new self-respect, a deeper and more assertive group identity, public skills, and values of cooperation and civic virtue." Put simply, free spaces are settings between private lives and large-scale institutions where ordinary citizens can act with dignity, independence, and vision.
Free space in a storage device. The space that in any given time does not belong to any file or the file system itself (system information). New files will be stored in the free space area. See deleted file.
An area of a disk under VxVM control that is not allocated to any subdisk or reserved for use by any other VxVM object.
An area of a disk under Volume Manager control that is not currently allocated to any volume or reserved for use by any Volume Manager object.
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an arena where people meet for public talk and actively contribute to addressing public problems
a place where we come together to debate and discuss the public issues of the day with others like ourselves
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a contiguous range or span of free clusters
A Communications term which refers to the air around an aerial through which electromagnetic waves travel.
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The absence of ground.