Definitions for "PBS "
PBS is a user-support call management system and call tracing system. It is based on intranet technologies, and it allows you to manage and account calls, inventory, projects, and performance. It features a knowledge base and reports for the manager.
Public Broadcasting System; a system of non-profit radio and television broadcasting stations.
personal base station
Australian Government program for the subsidy of prescribed essential drugs, to provide them cheaper to the consumer
The list of drugs making up the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits subsidised by the Commonwealth Government.
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (Australian government program that reduces the cost of some drugs to patients)
Polybutylene Succinate.
An open source batch queuing system
Portable Batch System - a system for load sharing and scheduling on multiprocessor machines
Portable Batch Systems
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Phantom of the Barbershop (1991)
Portfolio Budget Statements Statements providing detailed information on the expected financial position of Commonwealth Government agencies for each financial year.
Portfolio Budget Statement
Portfolio Business Statement
Product Breakdown Structure. A hierarchy of all the products to be produced during a plan.
Product Breakdown Structure. A hierarchy of deliverable products which are required to be produced on the project. It forms the base document from which the execution strategy and product-based work breakdown structure may be derived. It provides a guide for configuration control documentation.
A comprehensive set of strategies that are meant to redesign environments in such a way that problem behaviors are prevented or inconsequential, and to teach students new skills, making problem behaviors unnecessary.
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Polarizing Beam Splitter.
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Plastic Backed Stave. A tufted strip brush with a plastic backing.
Phosphate-buffered saline, a normal saline solution containing a phosphate buffer.