Definitions for "Popup "
An ad that spawns a new browser window. Mostly loathed by web surfers..
Just what it sounds like, a window that pops up when a surfers enters and/or leaves a page. Popups are generally banned from free sites and galleries, but they can be an effective way to generate some additional income on your own sites if you don't mind irritating some of your surfers.
The opening of a new window above the previous window.
Popup is an interactive learning aid for pairs of words. It behaves much like a stack of flashcards, but handles one-to-many and many-to-one word relationships better. It features an editor for cardstack files with support for copying and pasting groups of words, as well as drag and drop. It has two quizzes. One for memorization, and one for spelling practice.
Description Popup is an interactive learning aid for one-to-one word mappings. It works by presenting several possible answers to for a word query to the user, out of which a choice is made by mouseclick. This allows a very fast learning procedure. Th
1. A function performed in chat from a "Popup" menu. 2. Generically, it also refers to similar functions activated in ways other than from a Popup menu. For definition 2, either "macro" or "script" would be more technically correct than "popup".
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a type of picklist
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a special type of layout object that is not part of the normal flow of a document
a widget outside the normal parental hierarchy of geometry management
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A ball hit in the air to the infield.
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a component that is displayed on top of all other components and is not limited by the parent components view port
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a type of box that defaults to vertical orientation
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a web page, and it can contain what ever you want