Definitions for "Absolute accuracy"
See 'positional accuracy'.
Used to describe the maximum or worst case error of a system when all potential system errors are considered. Absolute accuracy of a data acquisition system includes gain error, offset error, quantization error, noise, and non-linearity.
Defined as the difference between an intended final dimension and the actual dimension as determined by a physical measurement of the part. In addition to those for linear dimensions, there are accuracy specifications for such features as hole sizes and flatness.
The difference between the Loran-C determined position and the actual location as defined by the geographic coordinates
Exact correspondence between the location of features in map data and their actual positions on the earth.
The correctness of the indicated value in terms of its deviation from the true or absolute value.
Keywords:  truth, respect, estimate, earth, frame
the closeness of an estimate (or measurement) to the truth with respect to the earth's reference frame