Definitions for "Alpha Linolenic Acid"
Keywords:  dha, ala, lna, flaxseed, omega
ALA is an essential fatty acid found primarily in flax seed and flax oil and is also found in black currant oil. The positive effects of ALA have been documented in areas including: high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, immune system function, male infertility and cancer. The body also converts a portion of ALA into two other fatty acids, EPA and DHA.
ALA) This is the short-chain omega-3 fatty acid commonly found in the diet. Common sources include flaxseed and soy oils. Unfortunately the metabolism of ALA into the longer-chain omega-3 fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA, is very inefficient in humans.
(LNA) Omega - 3 fatty acids found in plant foods, especially nuts, soybeans, cannola oil, and flaxseed oil.