Definitions for "AMRA"
Amra are the name of certain ancient Irish elegies or panegyrics on native saints. The most famous of these which have reached us is known as the Amra of Coluimb Cille (Columbkille). It was printed with a translation by O'Beirne Crowe in 1871 from the imperfect text in the Leadhar na h'Uidhre; also in his edition of the "Liber Hymnorum" by Professor Atkinson, and in his "Goidelica" by Whitley Stokes, from an imperfect text in Trinity College, Dublin.
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The mango tree in Brahmasaras in the shape of Brahma
a nonprofit organization founded to address standardization, justification and deployment practices in the application and advancement of enhanced customer-service and resource-management technologies
A Microformatted Registry Alternative is an alternative web service description registry using simple, microformatted documents.
Automatic Meter Reading Association (2)
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Access To Medical Records Act 1988.