Definitions for "Betting Limits"
the maximum and minimum bets a player may place on the blackjack table. Blackjack tables' limits vary from a $1/$5 limits table to a $10/$50 limits table. For example, at a $5/$10 limits table a player may not place a bet bigger than $10 and no less than $5.
The minimum and maximum wagers allowed by the house at a specific table. When referring to a casino, this could refer to the lowest and highest limits available at all tables in the casino.
The specific amount that players may call, bet or raise with depending upon the particular game. If the game is a $2-$4 Fixed Limit game then players may act in increments of $2 for the first two rounds, and then in increments of $4 for the last two rounds. These two different amounts are referred to as the Small Bet and the Big Bet. Note that this applies only to Fixed Limit games and not Pot Limit or No Limit games.
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on a single bet, the smallest or biggest amount of money that can be laid