Definitions for "Centaurs"
Creatures who have the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse.
The so-called Centaurs are a number of minor celestial bodies whose orbits run between inner and outer planets in our solar system. Mythologically, the centaurs were half-man and half-horse, and these planet-like objects in our solar system are named after them. The first of these to be discovered was Chiron, in 1977. Since then, other similar bodies have been discovered and these bodies were named after mythological Centaurs, and thus have become collectively known as "the Centaurs." Most of these Centaurs are large and composed primarily of ice, making them technically classified as comets, but they do not come close to the Sun like comets usually do. Pronounced: SEN-tore. See also: Chiron (in glossary) and article on Chiron and article on Chiron mythology.
half-human, half-horse, these jive-talking beatniks guard the Forsaken Forest. They won't hassle you as long as youĂ­re cool, Jim.