Definitions for "Chug"
Keywords:  dull, explosive, engine, noise, street
the dull explosive noise made by an engine
make a dull, explosive sound; "the engine chugged down the street"
Keywords:  scoot, shuffle, clogging, sideways, hop
A scoot forward or sideways on one foot while the other foot is held in a raised position. Also called a SCOOT or a HOP.
The movement is done with the leg that does not bear the body's weight. Fully extend the leg on the UP BEAT and bend the leg on the DOWN BEAT. The movement can be done in any direction. The foot does not make contact with the floor. This is most commonly used with shuffle clogging.
An activity, often something paractical like making something
Low frequency instability in a liquid motor.
The preferred rate of beverage consumption. See Also: Consumption
Keywords:  draining, cup, shot, your, one
Draining your cup in one shot.
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Interest Group