Definitions for "Corrector"
Keywords:  pusher, gmt, actuated, perpetual, quick
System to set the watches time by means of the crown.
Pusher (s.) positioned on the case side that is normally actuated by a special tool for the quick setting of different indications, such as date, GMT (s.), full or perpetual calendar (s.).
A products which softens and shades out colour blemishes on the skin (over or beneath pigmentation on and around dark circles, rosacea and brown spots).
A corrector (English plural Correctors) is a person who or object that practices correction, usually by removing or rectifying errors.
Keywords:  alkali, abuses, press, acids, one
One who, or that which, corrects; as, a corrector of abuses; a corrector of the press; an alkali is a corrector of acids.
Manual correction function for a specific element.