Definitions for "Dobsonian"
A simple type of alt-az Newtonian telescope mounting designed to be both stable and inexpensive.The name comes from telescope builder John Dobson, who shuns the name "dobsonian" and prefers to call his telescopes "sidewalk telescopes".
Simple type of telescope mount using altitude-azimuth motions. Named after amateur telescope maker John Dobson. Most commonly used with Newtonians.
a type of Newtonian reflector made popular by amateur astronomer John Dobson. It uses a simple but highly effective wooden mount. Dobs provide more aperture per dollar than any other telescope design.
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a fine scope for beginners and companies such as Orion make good quality Dobs for children as well as adults
an excellent instrument for casual optical observation but photographic work will be limited to views of the Moon and the brighter planets