Definitions for "Gas chromatography"
An analytical chemistry technique in which a sample is vaporized and passed through a column whose walls are covered with a sticky organic solvent; different chemicals in the sample have different affinities for the solvent and separate as they pass through the column.
A separation technique involving passage of a gaseous moving phase through a column containing a fixed adsorbent phase; it is used principally as a quantitative analytical technique for volatile compounds.
a method of separating chemical components of a mixture, which involves the passage of a gaseous sample through a column having a fixed adsorbent phase
The method used to analyse a fuel's composition. It breaks down the fuel into its individual components - of which there are over 200 in a Formula One fuel. The results are displayed on a graph known as a ‘fingerprint' (owing to its individuality) which must be identical to the ‘fingerprint' of the pre-approved fuel held by the FIA.