Definitions for "Lymph nodes"
Keywords:  groin, underarm, bean, armpit, node
Small, bean-shaped organs of the immune system distributed throughout the body tissue.
Regions of lymphoid tissue organized into lymphoid organs located along the lymphatic vessels. They are the main source of production of circulating lymphocytes and "filter" lymph to remove noxious agents. image
Round little bumps found under the skin. Common places for them are the neck, armpits and groin. They clean the blood by catching and stopping germs and dead cells. One way doctors and nurses sometimes check for an INFECTION is to feel a person's LYMPH NODES. If the NODES are swollen, then it means the person's IMMUNE SYSTEM is working to kill whatever is INFECTING the body.
Keywords:  composition, monitor, organs
Lymphatic organs that monitor the composition of lymph.