Definitions for "TTR"
Time to Re-Instate. Time required to re-instate equipment back into production at full speed.
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To the rear. Not, as a lot of people think, "to the right." A TTR actually turns to the left- it's used to reverse direction. (Similar, but not identical to, an about face.) Step forward on 8 as if it were a regular marching step, then between counts 8 and 1 you pivot to face the direction you just came from, turning towards your left shoulder. Step down on 1 and continue to march as normal. All 8-to-5 rules apply. See also: SS Translator, about face.
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Training, Teaching and Research
Track Track Record. An address (3 bytes in length) that describes a location within a file relative to the beginning of the file. The distance is given in tracks and records.
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Task Team on Resources