Definitions for "Bake "
Keywords:  oven, cook, roast, uncovered, dry
To prepare, as food, by cooking in a dry heat, either in an oven or under coals, or on heated stone or metal; as, to bake bread, meat, apples.
To dry or harden (anything) by subjecting to heat, as, to bake bricks; the sun bakes the ground.
To harden by cold.
Bake is a small domain-specific programming language for describing how to transform one file into another. It uses the typical topological sort, but has features that make describing this relatively easy. It should feel comfortable to those familiar with Javascript, Python, and make.
Yet another Make replacement, definition files are Python code
Keywords:  keyset, maya, vertex, meshes, shadow
1. In animation, the process of creating a single animation curve for an object whose actions are being provided by simulation rather than by keys and animation curves ( keysets). This process makes many types of animation available that are not available for keyset editing. 2. In rendering, the process of rendering illumination, shadow, shading, and textures to a file texture or to per-vertex color mesh. Baking lets you render an object once and either re-use the file texture as a texture map or bake colors onto vertex meshes. Texture maps can also be manipulated to obtain lighting effects that would be difficult to achieve in other ways. In mental ray for Maya, also known as light mapping.
Keywords:  homemade, stuffed, cured, smoked, salad
a homemade roll stuffed with a smoked or otherwise cured fish salad
Keywords:  brews, washes, something, work
To do the work of baking something; as, she brews, washes, and bakes.
Keywords:  stoned, get
To get stoned
Keywords:  result, process
The process, or result, of baking.