Definitions for "Nef"
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ikon lectronic ile - Nikon's version of a RAW file.
Raw image data file format used by the Nikon D1, D1x, D1h, D100 pro SLR and Coolpix 5700 digicams. NEF means Nikon Electronic Format.
Raw image data file format as used by the Nikon D1 pro digicam.
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One of the three regulatory genes of HIV, contains information necessary for the production of proteins that control the vuris' ability to infect a cell.
A gene present in SIV and HIV that is not required for but regulates viral reproduction. Vaccines made of live SIV-lacking nef (nef-deleted) have been studied in monkeys.
a gene of HIV that influences viral replication; also the protein produced by that gene.
Medieval table ornament in the shape of a fully rigged ship, usually made of silver set with precious stones or enamelled. It was used to hold a nobleman's or guest of honour's wine, eating utensils, or as a ceremonial salt container. The nef was much copied in silver during the 19thC.
(Old French nef, "ship") A table ornament in the form of a ship, with the hull formed by blowing and the rigging consisting of trails. Sometimes, there is a spout in the hull.
A nef is a boat-shaped ornament and dish used in the Middle Ages to carry a lord's napkins and table knives. It was placed in the middle of the High Table, where the lord sat. It was usually made of silver, but richer lords could afford to purchase one made of gold.
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The nave of a church.
Nefarious, an increasingly evil AI player written by Preacherman
New Economics Foundation
National Economic Forum
Network Element Function: A function within an ATM entity that supports the ATM based network transport services, (e.g., multiplexing, cross-connection).
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abbreviation for National Extra Fine; a measurement of threads per inch on a tap.