Definitions for "Paté"
Keywords:  forcemeat, pastry, meat, chopped, liver
French for dough, paste or batter.
usually made from a fine forcemeat, usually (chicken) liver. The forcemeat is cooked and pushed through a sieve, resulting in a smooth paste. Often served with toast as an entrée. It can also be used for fillings for sandwiches and the like.
liver or meat or fowl finely minced or ground and variously seasoned
Keywords:  dolls, bald, wig, cork, bleedin
The head of a person; the top, or crown, of the head.
The skin of a calf's head.
A circle of buckram used to cover the open top of a porcelain head before the wig is added. (The top is left open so that eyes can be added after firing).
Keywords:  marshy, parapet, fortified, gate, oval
A kind of platform with a parapet, usually of an oval form, and generally erected in marshy grounds to cover a gate of a fortified place.
a Samoan percussion instrument
Keywords:  pie, see
A pie. See Patty.
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See Patté.