Definitions for "absorption rate"
Absorption Rate refers to the ability at which properties are able to be sold...
The rate at which properties are able to be leased or sold in a given area.
The number of properties of a particular kind that can be sold in a specific real estate market per a defined time period.
The percentage of the number of graduates who get a job after completion of education and/or training to the number of graduates who were not employed prior to completion of education and/or training.(Reference: 2006 Inter-Agency Committee on Education Statistics (IACES))
for our purposes, the number derived by dividing the demand by the supply expressed as a percentage.
An estimate of the anticipated occupancy or expected new sales of a certain type of land use.
An estimate of the expected annual sales or new occupancy of a particular type of land use.
Budgetary inputs mobilised in proportion to the inputs initially allocated. BACK