Definitions for "Accelerated Use"
Using more than your allotted yearly time for one vacation. For instance, you purchased two weeks a year at a condo but arrange to take four weeks this year, four weeks next year and skip years three and four.
Accelerated use refers to a program that permits someone to use their purchased time in increasingly larger increments. For example, you have one week/year at a timeshare property with a right to use program offering accelerated use. Your agreement is good for ten years. Instead of opting to use one week per year for ten years, you might exercise the option to use two weeks/year for five years.
right-to-use package that allows the owner to accelerate the use of there time purchased. For instance: you have a 20-year right to use one week per year at a timeshare resort offering accelerated usage. Instead of using one week every year, you may choose to use two weeks every year for ten years or ten weeks per year for two years (based on availability).