Definitions for "Accession Number"
An identifier supplied by the curators of the major biological databases upon submission of a novel entry that uniquely identifies that sequence or other entry.
A control number, unique to an object, whose purpose is identification, not description (Nauert 1979).
The unique identifying number assigned to a work when it is accessioned or added to the museum collection. The parts of the number describe when the work was acquired and whether it was acquired individually or as part of a larger group. For example, a work with the accession number 2004.1 was acquired in the year 2004, as the first acquisition of the year and is a single work, whereas 2004.2.3 was acquired in 2004 as part of the second acquisition of the year and was one of at least three works acquired from the same source.
A user-friendly identifier created by the Departmental System, which identifies an instance of a filler order or imaging service request. It may group one or more requested procedures.