Definitions for "Alveoli"
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Small air sacs comprising the innermost structure of the lungs. It is through the delicate walls of the alveoli that gas exchange occurs between the blood (flowing through the pulmonary capillaries) and the inhaled or exhaled air.
The millions of tiny air sacs in the lungs at the ends of bronchioles where oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide from the blood. In CF, mucus clogs alveoli, and interferes with oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange.
The tiny sac-like air spaces in lung where carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged.
Apparent interzooidal spaces between the autozooecia in rectangulate cyclostomes which are enclosed by interior wall calcification (Pitt & Taylor, 1991). Figure: Disporella.
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An important synapomorphy of the Alveolata. The alveoli normally appear as small vessicles in or under the plasma membrane. They are not associated with ribosomes and do not have any detectable contents. They do not seem to be connected with any membrane system other than the plasma membrane. It is now believed that the alveoli are part of a complete second inner membrane system.
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Enzyme Palpitation
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Glands that produce milk in the female breast.
The milk-producing glands of the breast.
Tiny glands in the breast which produce milk.