Definitions for "Cannabinoids"
Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals which activate the body's cannabinoid receptors. Before other types were discovered, the term referred to a unique group of secondary metabolites found in the cannabis plant, which are responsible for the plant's distinctive pharmacological effects. Researchers have discovered over 400 chemical constituents, more than 60 of which are unique to the cannabis plant. Currently, there are three general types of cannabinoids: herbal cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) occur uniquely in the cannabis plant; endogenous cannabinoids are naturally produced in the bodies of humans and other animals; and synthetic cannabinoids are similar compounds produced in the laboratory.
Any of several dozen active substances in marijuana and other cannabis products” ( Levinthal, 141).
Chemicals that help control mental and physical processes when produced naturally by the body and that produce intoxication and other effects when absorbed from marijuana.
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