Definitions for "Causation"
The act of causing; also the act or agency by which an effect is produced.
Producing a particular outcome by a specific act.
an effect of one or more variables on another variable. 46
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the act or concept of causing (an injury/harm/etc.) Further, there was no causation, as it was the plaintiff who caused the accident. cause (v)
The legal requirement that the harm in a crime is a result of the union of actus reus and mens rea.
in a medical malpractice case, this refers to the question of whether or not the actions of the medical professional caused harm to the patient.
The element of a case involving proof that one thing resulted in another, sometimes called "Proximate Cause."
an element to be proved in an action in tort against a director. Liability-inducing causation must be proximate (i.e., direct or reasonably probable as the source of injury), not remote or incidental.
"Relationship with teleologic attribute. For instance, travel causes displacement/motion."
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Connection between *Duty and *Damages.