Definitions for "fiscal agent"
an incorporated, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that provides administrative and financial services
a tax-exempt nonprofit that manages funds for projects or groups for which it is acting as a sponsor because the project or group does not have its own tax-exempt status
A nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that acts as a sponsor for a project or group that does not have its own tax-exempt status. Grants are made to the fiscal agent which manages the funds and is responsible for reporting back to the foundation on the progress of the project.
A fiduciary agent, usually a bank or county treasurer, who performs the function of paying debt principal and interest when due.
Also known as the Paying Agent, the bank, designated by the issuer, to pay interest and principal to the bondholder.
The Medicaid fiscal agent (EDS) is under contract with the Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) to certify providers, process and pay claims, answer provider and recipient questions, issue identification cards to recipients, publish information for providers and recipients, and maintain the Wisconsin Medicaid Web site.
A commercial bank appointed by the borrower to undertake certain duties related to the new issue, such as assisting the payment of interest and principal, redeeming bonds or coupons, handling taxes, replacement of lost or damaged securities, destruction of coupons and bonds once payments have been made.
a person who works with stocks and bonds as a career
An organization, such as a bank or trust company, that takes responsibility for the fiscal duties of an unrelated party.
A bank or trust company which handles fiscal matters for a corporation, including...
An investment dealer appointed by a corporation or government to advise in financial matters and to manage the underwriting of its securities.
A university employee who has been designated as a responsible officer for the financial administration of an account.
The authority who is responsible for issuing new securities of federal agencies.