Definitions for "LYRE"
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An ancient instrument of torture. The word is now used in a figurative sense to denote the poetic faculty, as in the following fiery lines of our great poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox: I sit astride Parnassus with my lyre, And pick with care the disobedient wire. That stupid shepherd lolling on his crook With deaf attention scarcely deigns to look. I bide my time, and it shall come at length, When, with a Titan's energy and strength, I'll grab a fistful of the strings, and O, The word shall suffer when I let them go! Farquharson Harris
A stringed instrument of music; a kind of harp much used by the ancients, as an accompaniment to poetry.
One of the various harp-like instruments played in ancient Greece and Rome.
The lower central member of a grand piano; it carries the pedals and pedal rods. The slanting braces have been called "monkey tails" ever since the days when these were ornately carved and convoluted wooden features.
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One of the constellations; Lyra. See Lyra.
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